Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial/Personal)

An enduring power of attorney is a legal document. Making an appointment under an enduring power of attorney is a formal process that allows you to appoint a person(s) you trust to make decisions for you, including if you are ever unable to make decisions for yourself sometime in the future, due to a lack of decision making capacity.

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If power for specified matter(s) is exercisable at a different time, circumstance or occasions, specify the WHAT and WHEN it is exercisable.

The exercise of a power under your power of attorney can be subject to conditions and/or instructions.

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Only complete this section if you have appointed more than one attorney.

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Why appoint an attorney?

The purpose of the appointment is so that the attorney(s) can make decisions for the principal if the principal loses the capacity to make those decisions. You can appoint an attorney to make decisions for financial matters or personal matters, or both.

What should I know when appointing an attorney?

In making an appointment, the principal has to work out:

  • whether they should appoint one or more attorneys;
  • whether the attorney for financial decisions be the same attorney for personal matters;
  • if more than one attorney is appointed, do the attorneys make decisions jointly (all agree), jointly and severally, severally (independently of each other), or by way of a majority;
  • if an attorney is unable to act, is it necessary to appoint another person(s) to step into their shoes (the alternative attorney(s)).
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